Your great-grandmother may have canned all she could to keep the pantry full, whereas your grandma might have taken more readily to using the freezer or buying tomato paste from the store. And then share it with others. Learn how to pickle cherry tomatoes for either short-term (two months in the fridge) or long-term pantry storage. Follow on Instagram and sign up for their newsletter for more inspirations on living a sustainable life. And if you are going to be stocking up on “comfort foods” for times of need, it is a must to stock in your cupboard for when that pizza craving hits. Gather your ripe tomatoes and let’s get preserving! Here are 20 ways to use up unripe, green tomatoes. And if you never try, you will never know whether or not you are capable of creating such delicious, home-canned masterpieces. Avoid keeping bananas and ripe fruit near to your vases of cut flowers, as the ethylene the fruit releases will also cause your flowers to fade more rapidly. It is your choice to omit the high-fructose corn syrup in search of better health, it is your right to refuse overly processed vinegar, accepting only vinegar with the mother instead. If you are seeking an easier route (or are not yet convinced of your water bath canning skills – your time will come!) What makes this tomato chutney really stand apart, flavor-wise, is the added element of brown sugar, lemon zest, ground cumin and raisins. 4. This makes the use of glass jars far superior. These fruits produce ethylene, a gas that accelerates ripening. Use them in soups and stews, adding them iced as they are. So, essentially, perhaps the fridge is not to blame at all. Chop them into pieces, cut them half, or not. Open-pollinated plants are more genetically diverse, meaning there is a greater amount of diversity among the plant populations. Use plenty of paste tomatoes, Romas are perfect for the job, and lots of dried herbs to come up with the best tomato soup ever. Pick a few easy recipes and try it! How to Plant Beautiful Bottle Gardens and Terrific Terrariums! With that in mind, you must learn how to can whole tomatoes, if you don’t know how already. For example, frozen and thawed salsa becomes watery after defrosting and a little less desirable. Some people take the extra step to blanch and cut them into smaller pieces. However, if you have perfectly ripe tomatoes that you just don’t have time to use at that moment, you can store them in the fridge. If completely moisture-free, dried tomatoes will keep flavor and texture for up to a year. If you are keen on saving space and getting the biggest bite out of your tomatoes, tomato paste is the way to go. There are several easy ways to can salsa, so instead of deciding on just one recipe, try a few. It eliminates the waiting and wondering of when the clouds are going to float away. 50 jars of salsa sounds about right, doesn’t it?! The old-fashioned way of drying tomatoes on a screen definitely has its advantages. Once your cherry tomatoes are harvested, washed and dried, you can then lay them in a single layer on a baking sheet and place them immediately in the freezer. Try it. A pressure canner or water bath canner is necessary for safely preserving tomatoes. Others freeze them whole with skins on. I’ve popped this bowl inside one of my cupboards, as I’ve found that placing the tomatoes in a dark, contained space speeds up ripening; usually the smaller the space, the faster the ripening. This will enable you to find and evaluate your plants’ tomatoes and will clear the way to allow sunlight to reach your plants’ bounty and ripen the fruit. In the realm of fermenting, you’ll discover all sorts of interesting ways to preserve food, stuff you may not have thought about on your own. Open-pollinated tomatoes include all heirloom varieties. Don’t look at green tomatoes as a disadvantage. You don’t need to be a prepper or a backpacker to enjoy tomato sauce leather, though it doesn’t hurt to embrace it for what it is. The joy of eating is about so much more than filling your belly. I washed the cherry tomatoes and put them in the plastic clam shells that we save from store-bought tomatoes and strawberries. The skin of this ‘Cherry Baby’ tomato has split. This is all well and good, for those times when the sun refuses to shine in combination and with perfect timing of your bountiful harvest of tomatoes – that need to be dealt with right now! Just be sure to use the very best tomatoes to begin with. It is garlicky, spicy, rich in tomatoes and bursting with flavor. If your plants are severely affected by Late Blight, gather in any ripe and unripe tomatoes that are as yet entirely untouched by the disease and bin or burn the remnants of your tomato plants, including any twine. The simplest way of preserving tomatoes is to freeze them. Healthy, and clean tomatoes with split skins should be enjoyed as a bonus for the gardener or used in cooking on the day of harvest. America’s favorite backyard garden plant is the tomato. If you are lucky enough to make your own maple syrup, then you will have plenty on hand to turn it into the loveliest of tangy sauces. Chilled tomatoes will start to dehydrate, so kiss that juicy tomato slice goodbye. Green tomatoes require a different storage approach to ripen. Dehydrating is often the preferred method for preserving cherry tomatoes, though pickling also gives them the justice they deserve.