The ATS simulator analyzes the unique physical characteristics of the student. The 3-D, 360-degree virtual reality SIGHT of the road. It consists of a fully functional pneumatic driver seat with all typical controls, a seat belt, pedals and a fully adjustable (height and tilt) steering column with integrated flashers and trailer hand brake. If you’re serious about CDL and ongoing commercial driver training, a truck simulator can make the difference. “We see that in the motor freight industry,” said John Kearney, CEO, Advanced Training Systems LLC. I've been called the tech Hemingway of Paris, named one of the top 100 women in technology in Europe in 2012, short-listed for best tech journalist by the TechCrunch Europas. The driving experience is so real the student may feel they actually arrive at a destination! Companies in the survey said VR tools were a top learning priority for the next 24 months. Simulator Adaptive Syndrome is caused by the lag time between the driver performing a function and the function being carried out. I like to find the story that opens people's minds. How closely the simulator replicates a real truck driving experience in terms of stimulating all the senses, mimicking real weather conditions as well as potentially dangerous driver situations such as blow outs, jackknifes, rear-end collisions, rollovers and more. The result can be headaches or motion sickness for the student. The 660Truckplus driving simulator enables efficient and cost effective truck driver training. Kearney. Three important factors to consider in choosing a simulator: An ATS VR Simulator utilizes aerospace derived technology to achieve the above three factors. UPS started putting drivers in virtual reality (VR) simulators in 2017 as part of basic safety training. The high-fidelity SOUND of the truck and external environment. GET REAL. Kearney says he hopes that VR training will help bring new candidates to the trucking profession and create better prepared, safer drivers. Follow me on Twitter @jennalee. Kearney. Simply put, ATS simulator driving experience engages all the senses: The motion and vibration and FEEL or the road. I've been called the tech. ). MEASURING THE STUDENT. Advanced Training Systems is world headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida and established as a diversified  design, manufacturing and virtual simulation group of companies applicable to the professional and personal user. But today, ATS motion has solved the problem by greatly reducing/eliminating SAS. How closely the simulator replicates the motion of the road to keep the student from experiencing Simulator Adaptive Syndrome (SAS. The 3-D, 360-degree virtual reality SIGHT of the road. The simulation-based impaired and distracted driver program was designed and proven to stop destructive driving behaviors. (Photo by Don Smith/NHLI via Getty Images) *** Local Caption ***, EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change, Michigan Economic Development Corporation BrandVoice, John Kearney, CEO, Advanced Training Systems LLC. I'm a writer who looks at innovation and how technology and science intersect with industry, environment, arts, agriculture, mobility, health. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. The only thing missing is the danger of the road. I'm a writer who looks at innovation and how technology and science intersect with industry, environment, arts, agriculture, mobility, health. SAN JOSE, CA - JANUARY 19: Fans experience the Clear the Ice Zamboni® VR experience at the NHL ... [+] Centennial Truck Tour at SAP Center at San Jose on January 19, 2017 in San Jose, California. The only thing missing is the danger of the road. These biometrics help the student and coach pinpoint areas of stress so the student can practice the conditions that triggered the stress until the student is relaxed and competent. The FAAC TT-1000 Truck Driver Training Simulator is designed to give both new and veteran operators a meaningful training experience. Kearney says that if a truck driver had traditional training in a classroom with a book and ride-along methodology and then experiences an accident, there’s no proof he or she was trained in a particular skill and road hazard. The world’s first simulation based distracted & impaired driving experience proven to change behavior. How accurately the student’s competence and mental state are measured by the simulator and how effective the feedback is to the student and coach to correct student errors. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. These include increased pulse or heart rate, excess sweat and overall anxiousness.