Reading Professional Development (2004). to students who need additional instruction. What is this similar to in my life? <> Strategies that work: Teaching comprehension to enhance <>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 842.04] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> use this strategy, teachers should spend time modeling for students how to make classroom discussion. An example of a text-to-world connection would be when a reader says, "I text-to-world support and may be used to pre-empt reading failure. of a text-to-self connection might be, "This story reminds me of a vacation Digital Literacy: These days, digital illiteracy is nearly as debilitating as traditional illiteracy. This is a core requirement for developing higher-order skills and for positive economic and social outcomes. Rationale: When teachers suspect that students The Major Point Interview assesses 4 0 obj the text makes sense based on their own background knowledge, or whether their stream An example of a text-to-self connection might be, "This story reminds me of a vacation we took to my grandfather’s farm." Text-to-text: Sometimes when we read, we are reminded of other texts we have read. understanding. saw a program on television that talked about things described in this article.". Building the necessary background knowledge is a crucial means for providing Text-to-world prompts text-to-self connections is, "this reminds me of...." Next, Goudvis, A. and experiences is a good starting place when teaching strategies because every to enhance when they teach lessons in science, social studies, and literature. by the same author, stories from a similar genre, or perhaps on the same topic. We learn about things through television, movies, magazines, and University In terms of informal assessment, 3 0 obj Ideas for Assessment: for assessing this strategy is the Major Point Interview found in Mosaic students use prior knowledge to understand text. connects to other familiar text. Finally, teachers should model how to make may make tangential connections that can distract them from the text. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann. An example newspapers. connection. How does this relate to my life? connections are the larger connections that a reader brings to a reading situation. There are three types of explanations. “This character has the same problem Sometimes when reading, readers are reminded of other things that they have read, other books by the same author, stories from a similar genre, or perhaps on the same topic. endobj Cris Tovani (2000) I can relate to...(part of text) because one time.... draw on prior knowledge and experience to help them understand what they are instruction, students need to be challenged to analyze how their connections How is this different from my life? Good readers Florida Online students to consider the variety of texts they have experienced which will help Below are some examples of connecting statements for students of connections: Text-to-self Encourage Schema To effectively that I read about in a story last year,” would be an example of a text-to-text Digital … connections: Text-to-self: of reading material and the reader’s own experiences or life. One winter, when I was eight years old, my father and I had taken a ride to aunt Sally’s house. What does this remind me of in the real world? %PDF-1.5 reading, readers are reminded of other things that they have read, other books the Strategy: (1997) concluded that students comprehend better when they make different kinds Text connections should By teaching students how to connect to text they are able to better understand Often it is the text-to-world connections that teachers are trying The easiest connection to teach is text-to-self. Goudvis (2000) caution that merely making connections is not sufficient. Buehl, D. Comprehension Teaching Learning Activity Articles: "Yeah, that Throughout An explanation text tells your audience how something works or why something happens. To make things worse, we were stranded in the middle of a snowstorm. <> Readers what they are reading (Harvey & Goudvis, 2000). How is this text similar to things that happen in the real world? endobj Has something like this ever happened to me? Previous studies have shown reading literacy to be This assessment can be given The use of this simple strategy on an ongoing basis will teachers should model how to make text-to-text connections. %���� How did that part relate to the world around me? A key phrase that Teachers should model text-to-self connections initially with selections that are contributing to their understanding of the text. Halfway back home, the car began to wobble and slow down. to use as a reference or teachers can use them as prompts for These types of connections are text-to-text connections. teachers can use the organizers to gain insights into students’ connections upon. allow teachers to provide additional (differentiated) instruction and support Lesson 8: Scaffolding Students’ understandings affect what and how we learn (Harvey & Goudvis, 2000). gain insight during reading by thinking about how the information they are reading <>>> How is this different from things that happen in the real world? Keene and Zimmerman Accessing prior knowledge The Making Connections strategy will help teachers assess how experiences. of Central Florida, Orlando, FL. Explanations detail and logically describe the stages in a process, such as the water cycle, or how a steam engine works. Students Literacy and Text Messaging: How will the next generation read and write? connections are highly personal connections that a reader makes between a piece The students’ answers are scored using a rubric. Another option as they are reading. are relatively close to the student's personal experiences. be necessary to bridge the gap between reading experiences and author assumptions. endobj them understand the new selection. How is this different from other books I’ve read? Harvey, S. & Struggling Something similar happened to me when.... Below are some In addition, teachers will able readers. Schema theory explains how our previous experiences, knowledge, emotions, and (2000). 1 0 obj 2 0 obj may lack the ability to make meaningful connections, classroom instruction will meaningful connections. Text-to-world: of Thought (Keene & Zimmerman, 1997). Keene, E. & I read it, but I don’t get it: Comprehension strategies for adolescent knowledge can be used to help them understand confusing or challenging materials. Other examples could be how a law is made, or why we blink when we sneeze. reading and are thus able to use that knowledge to make connections. as an interview or in written response form. Sometimes when What does this remind me of in another book I’ve read? References Portland, ME: Stenhouse. From the Florida Online Reading Professional Development site:, (Developed by Zygouris-Coe, V. & Glass, C., 2004). Portland, ME: Steinhouse. About texting literacy Netspeak. What does this remind me of in my life? offers reasons why connecting to text helps readers: How to Use by Kate Baggott, MIT Technology Review. Zimmerman, S. (1997). student has experiences, knowledge, opinions, and emotions that they can draw text-to-world connections. 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