Applied Social Psychology Literature Review . How Social Psychology Differs From Other Disciplines . The final steps are to locate appropriate resources and write your assignment. E-mail:, © 2008-2018 - Top Quality Essays Inc. All Rights Reserved, Best Custom Essay Writing Service         +1(781)656-7962. Examining Social Psychology. [David Lingiah] Home. Search for Library Items Search for Lists Search for Contacts Search for a Library. Cockshaw, W. D., Shochet, I. M., & Obst, P. L. (2013).General belongingness, workplace belongingness, and depressive symptoms. InstanceBegin template=”/Templates/FlexpathCollpases.dwt” codeOutsideHTMLIsLocked=”false” InstanceBeginEditable name=”FirstParagraph”. Nursing staff have to understand the psychology of their sufferers and help them psychologically for a … Explain potential interventions or solutions that can contribute to a resolution of the issue or concern. Choose two research articles to use in this assessment. Wallace, T. L., Ye, F., & Chhuon, V. (2012).Subdimensions of adolescent belonging in high school. How might you apply these findings to better understand your own relationships with others? We provide you with a FREE plagiarism report for all your papers, All our papers are of high quality. Best Nursing Custom Papers Writing Service, Top Quality Essays Inc. All Rights Reserved. Major, B., Mendes, W. B., & Dovidio, J. F. (2013).Intergroup relations and health disparities: A social psychological perspective. You can feel safe using our website. Psychology and nursing careers go hand-in-hand, and this approach allows the healthcare professional to build a trusting relationship with the patient to provide the appropriate care. At least two current scholarly or professional resources. When searching the bookstore, be sure to look for the Course ID with the specific –FP (FlexPath) course designation. We’re sure we have the fastest writers and the cheapest prices. You do not need to submit the report with your assignment. Hogg, M. A., & Hains, S. C. (1996). The effect of performance reviews on employee socialization. The next step is to identify the theory (or theories) and concepts that you will use to define the problem in social psychology terms. Module B – Applying Social Psychology to Health. Predicting social psychological well-being following trauma: The role of postdisaster social support. All the information you share with us is completely confidential. There are several topics to choose from, but I would prefer "Domestic Violence", but if you would prefer a different topic that is listed, that would be fine too. Describe the data collection methods used in the studies you selected. Cella, D. (2013).Assessing social support, companionship, and distress: National Institute of Health (NIH) Toolbox Adult Social Relationship Scales. Search. Examining Social Psychology. Explain arguments made by researchers in the field of social psychology. You may wish to use the Argument Analysis Worksheet located in the Resources to help you summarize the research findings and understand the position(s) of the author(s). Nursing comes with shift work for a while, but then offers a wide range of career options and you will never be short of employment opportunities. There is also an entire field devoted to psychology called psychiatric nursing. Our writers are highly qualified to deliver high quality papers irrespective of the deadline and complexity, Tel: +1(805) 568 7317 Competency 7: Communicate in a manner that is scholarly, professional, and consistent with expectations for professionals in the field of psychology. When patients trust the nurses that are treating them, they are more likely to be open with their symptoms and problems. Describe the designs used in research studies in the field of social psychology. . The following optional resources are provided to support you in completing the assessment or to provide a helpful context. To prepare for this assessment, search in the Capella library for research articles on how social connections and support can promote physical and mental health. . Use references from at least three resources. Module C – Applying Social Psychology to the Workplace. Describe the data collection methods used in research studies in the field of social psychology. Because social psychology is interested in the behavior of individuals in social situations, its theories and concepts are of great interest outside the field of psychology. You are required to submit your assignment to Turnitin. The five application modules presented in your textbook illustrate how research findings from social psychology are used in … We are what Baumeister and Bushman refer to as cultural animals, immersing ourselves within social groups. Your first step is to choose a topic area from among one of the following: Your next step is to identify a concern or issue you would like to try and solve. All our papers are written from scratch with no trace of plagiarism. Describe the designs used in the studies., Social Psychology Application Scoring Guide, Capella Undergraduate Online Writing Center – APA Citing and Referencing. Analyze any ethical considerations relevant to the topic and to implementation of your recommended intervention or solution. SPARQ is an acronym for “Social Psychological Answers to Real-world Questions.” Each entry in the Solutions Catalog names a problem, and then offers a solution to that problem, based on a research study in social psychology. Note: Your instructor may also use the Writing Feedback Tool to provide feedback on your writing. Using the two articles you found, include the following in your assessment. Use any of the theories and concepts you have learned during this course, either from your textbook or from other professional sources, that you feel are relevant to the problem and to developing solutions. To deepen your understanding, you are encouraged to consider the questions below and discuss them with a fellow learner, a work associate, an interested friend, or a member of the business community. Unless noted otherwise, these materials are available for purchase from the Capella University Bookstore. In the book Psychology for the Profession of Nursing , the author explains that the study of psychology is the key that enables nurses to understand the emotional reactions of their patients. Unlike some species that do not organize socially, such as koalas and jaguars, humans need relationships. You are encouraged to refer to the resources in the Introduction to Social Psychology Library Guide to help direct your research. Psychology is six years study, nursing is three, social work is four. Explain research findings in the field of social psychology. Competency 2: Apply social psychological research and theory to examine social perception, social interaction, and social influence. (2014). Baumeister, R. F., & Bushman, B. J. 0. Knowledge and understanding of research methods in psychology is assumed. Kaniasty, K. (2012). Create lists, bibliographies and reviews: or Search WorldCat. At least two of your resources must be original scholarly research studies on the topic. I think all three have scope to be both rewarding and/or stressful, depending on which area you end up in. What causes people to be drawn to one another? Hi there! Because social psychology is interested in the behavior of individuals in social situations, its theories and concepts are of great interest outside the field of psychology. We don’t share any information with third parties. The following e-books or articles from the Capella University Library are linked directly in this course. We believe that we have completed enough orders to find out what every client needs and how we can help him or her as best we can. The relationship between violent content in music lyrics and adolescent social behavior. . Locate and use a minimum of three resources to support your work. Psychology in Other Nursing Specialties Even if you do not work in the mental health area, you can still use psychology on a regular basis in your career. Explain the arguments the authors make to support their positions. Approximately 300 words per page (Double Spaced) and 600 words for single spaced; One inch margin top, bottom, left, right. Social psychology in nursing. Write coherently to support a central idea with correct grammar, usage, and mechanics as expected of a psychology professional.