Contact Information. Putin Location GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 46.80199 Longitude: -111.17901 #1 Smith River Montana River Updated: 2020-05-11 Smith River is a tributary of the Missouri River, in central Montana, in the United States. The Smith River begins near White Sulphur Springs, Montana, at the confluence of the North and South Fork Smith River. Road map to Smith River, Montana. Smith River Map -Smith River State Park & River Corridor Recreation Map by River Rat Maps. Noted for its spectacular scenery and renowned trout fishing, the Smith River is unique with only one public put-in and take-out site for the entire 59 miles. River Rat Map Features: Updated in 2019! Smith River STATE PARK Experience a multi-day float trip on the Smith River if you are lucky enough to draw a permit in the annual lottery. It rises in southern Meagher County in the Castle Mountains and flows northwest in the valley between the Big Belt and Little Belt mountains, past White Sulphur Springs and past Smith River State Park. PO Box 7186 Missoula, MT 59807. The river then twists and turns for more than 100 miles through remote and scenic landscapes before spilling into the Missouri River near Ulm, Montana.The upper section of the Smith River, between its origin and above the Smith River Fishing Access Site, flows through gently rolling prairie, flanked by the tall peaks o… MONTANA TROUT UNLIMITED 312 N Higgins Ave, STE 200 Missoula, MT 59802. Phone: 406-543-0054 Fax: 406-543-6080 High quality, detailed river map printed on durable waterproof and tear proof, plastic of the entire float section of the Smith River from Camp Baker to Eden Bridge.