For Mike Kreaden, this is the “accepted sales SaaS sales team structure” that works for his set-up at Salesforce. Let’s review some of them: Single- or Multi-Tenancy; To understand the SaaS structure, let’s introduce such notions as single and multi-tenancy which make the basic concept of SaaS. SDRs to bring in new clients, AEs to manage the accounts, and customer service managers to make sure everyone was happy and coming back for more. So as product managers, knowing how to manage only traditional, on-premises software no longer cuts it. Do you have a CEO? Assemble a SaaS development team. How hard is it to build a SaaS? SaaS architecture requires strict security, and deployment practices, active data processing. A highly-efficient and expert team with adeptness in the SaaS-based work methodologies and technicalities can account for your product success. You may choose your team or leave this important task over the development team. Having only a plan is not worth. Software as a Service development implies certain technical specifics. The changes in SaaS require that we no longer look at salespeople as individual contributors, but rather a team that crosses disciplines, not just within sales but also across other departments such as … The ideal structure of your SaaS company’s marketing team and the profile of your team members may vary depending on how long you have been operating and whether you rely on external financing. SaaS is a long-term project that requires your technical team to have experience in building, testing, and maintaining software-as-a-service. The rise of the SaaS model in the product space has been swift, to say the least. We chatted… Because it’s the job of the CEO to ensure your development team is functioning properly. ... Because if you group them with any other development team, it will be difficult to break the “form fits function” habit. Venture backed startups can afford aggressive hiring from the very beginning, while self-funded companies are usually financially constrained on hiring until they can fund it from incoming cash flow. Saas Development Team Structure. In other words, most of us software engineers naturally think of features and technology first … Last month, we reviewed two SaaS companies, HubSpot and InsightSquared, and contrasted how employees are distributed by department at their Series C stage.Briefly, we found that Sales roles represent 30-40% of company headcount, and that Services scales quickly behind Sales to deliver on boarding, customer support, and other needs to make sure new customers are well served. There is nothing new about how product development teams are structured. Ideal tech team structure for a growing software startup. In this blueprint, we provide insights on how to build a sales organization structure that yields results.