The R-122V was the first commercially produced vacuum tube ribbon microphone available. The R-122 Live is an active ribbon microphone. Figure-8’s On Stage. The R122 MkII is a very easy mic to use thanks to its generous output level and robust ribbon. The main advantage of the R-122 to the R-121 is that you don’t have to worry about impedance matching as the extra circuitry in the R-122 keeps the ribbon under proper load at all times, regardless of the preamp’s input impedance. Royer Labs R-122 Live Bidirectional Active Ribbon Microphone. Die Preise sind nicht ohne, ca. Shortly after the R-121 we released the SF-12 stereo ribbon mic, followed by the R-122, the world's first phantom powered ribbon microphone. In Use. Royer offer a lifetime warranty to the original owner, with a one-year warranty on the ribbon element (the first re-ribbon is free regardless of how long the mic is owned), and matched pairs are available too. The R-122 MKll Live is backed with Royer’s lifetime warranty to the original owner, and the first re-ribbon is free. In 1998 we introduced the R-121, the modern ribbon mic that reintroduced ribbon microphones to engineers worldwide and put ribbons on the map. May 28, 2014 #5 Denyle_Guitars said: r121=fat low/mid bump ksm313=leaner/flatter low/mid, more condensor like. Supporting Member. Lately, I've gone back to my old Fostex m88rp … Das Hi-End-Modell ist das R-122V, das zusätzlich noch mit einer Röhre arbeitet. In the words of the Academy, these mics "were revolutionary and moved the art of recording forward." Von beiden Mikrofonen bietet Royer noch eine Live-Version an, die den strapaziösen Bühnenalltag besser überstehen soll. Mit dem R-122 MKII bietet Royer die aktive Variante. 1400,- Euro sind für das R-121 zu veranschlagen, das R-122 MKII liegt bei ca. Like the original R-122, it's a phantom-powered ribbon mic sharing the same ribbon motor as the passive R-121, with a fixed figure-8 pattern, but updates incorporated in the MKII design make this mic more flexible than the original R-122. Royer Labs is dedicated to the art of the ribbon microphone. We expect it to work as hard as you do, so we stand behind it all the way. The R84 was not a first choice pick for electric guitar, nor was the R94. Messages 1,341. I used one for my contribution to the forum fuzz project, fwiw. Performance-wise, the R-122V falls in line with the R-121 and R-122. The R-122 MKII is the latest mic from Royer. The mic is identical to the standard R-122 in every respect but two: The “Live” ribbon element is made of thicker aluminum (4 micron vs. 2.5 micron). U. UnderTheGroove. Like the rest of the “Live series,” it is intended for stage use. I'm sure the Royers are great too, but I've never had my hands on one so I can't compare with any direct experience. NEWS: Royer Labs has been given a GRAMMY award for their outstanding ribbon mics! The AEA mics seem pretty good, but I think after reading everything I can find, I would get a 121 because of the multiple sources it sounds good on, which was pretty much everything. The Royer 121 and 122 get excellent reviews in any ribbon mic shootout. As with any high end microphone, proper storage during transit and careful handling during setup and breakdown is key to keeping the microphone in good working order.