Introducing SweetGeorgia’s all new Advent! The seam is on the wrong side (the back or hidden side) of your work, so it will not be visible. This stitch is worked a bit differently from how you would seam together two stockinette pieces, so we’ve put together this short video to help show how it was done! I love knitting animals in Malabrigo worsted which is a single ply yarn but I've often found that half way up a seam the yarn just comes apart and then you have to unpick the seam and start again. I've heard these referred to as 'frowns' and 'smiles', 'mountains' and 'valleys', 'uppers' and 'downers' and so on, you get the idea. It is also available for quick reference in our IGTV channel, or for our School of SweetGeorgia members, it can be viewed among the tutorials on the SOS site! We would also love to hear from you if there are any other tutorials you’d like to see! Socks for instance are definitely better without seams but when it comes to toy knitting I'm a firm believer in seams as an integral part of shaping the finished toy. The mattress stitch is a method of joining knit pieces together to form one solid piece with a hidden seam. You can easily learn how to use the mattress stitch and use it to join knit pieces as needed. However, I suspect that there are some who don't like seaming because they are never happy with the results. I find that leading with the right hand side gives the neatest alignment, so just make sure that you are sewing the first stitch of a new colour section through the right hand side before the left. You'll get weekly inspiration and updates as well as access to our exclusive "Secret Stash" projects and more. *Going back briefly to point 2 above. If you turn the work so that the wrong side is facing you'll see the selvedge seam. Celebrating our love of lace, starting with a sale! Please try again. It's a neat seam but not invisible and to correct this you'll need to unpick the seam and start it again  (see 'unpicking in the event of a mistake' below). In today’s tiny tutorial video, Felicia shows you how to work the mattress stitch over two garter stitch edges. Again I find that leading with the right hand side usually gives the best result. If you have knitted in a single ply yarn or a softly plied wool you might find that the yarn breaks too easily to be used to sew a seam. SweetGeorgia Advent 2020 Preorders are Here! Required fields are marked *. At this point it does not matter if the stitches are loose (see below). Something nice, sparkly and fun during the holiday season, Some of the new items we’ve been working on, Celebrating the warmth and beauty of autumn sock knitting, All different, all brand new… get a look at our Advent 2020 kits, Colourful yarn packages tied up with string. When I say 'bar between stitches' this is what I mean: In the picture below you can see I have numbered the 3 columns of stitches nearest to the edge of the work. Together, we explore projects, techniques, and ideas around how to bring more colour and creativity to our lives. When seaming garter stitch I don't sew through the stitches on every row. I do appreciate you stopping by though. Bending that over you'll be able to see a little line of straight stitches running down the length of the seam these are the back of the mattress stitches (here I've used blue thread for contrast). The mattress stitch seam is used to join the two halves of the project to form the finished sweater shape. Here's a seam joined by sewing through a stitch from every row (both purl bumps on one row and smooth bars on the following row), it looks messy to me: And here's a seam sewn by just using the stitches from the alternate 'bumpy' rows, which I think looks neater: Simply use the same principles as for seaming reverse stocking stitch by sewing through upper bars on one side of the seam and lower bars on the other. And now that the blocking is finished and the pieces are dry (click here for the wet blocking tutorial), it’s time for Felicia to seam together both knitted pieces using the mattress stitch as called for in the pattern. It’s been a lot of fun sharing steps along the way as Felicia has been knitting her Sailing Sweater project (design by Beckie Paul). Our 10 Favourite Tips for Working with Hand-Dyed Yarns. The main issue is making sure that the stripes line up nicely. 4. SweetGeorgia is an artisan yarn and fibre arts company that creates luxury hand-dyed yarn, fibre, patterns, goods, and education for a global community of knitters, crocheters, spinners, and weavers to bring joy through colour and craft.