Mimicking perspective leads to a more energetic, visceral experience, which tends to make a fight more compelling, but perhaps you want the opposite. They get so wrapped up in the punching and kicking and biting that they forget to tell a story in the process. Use the fight scene to reveal necessary information about the characters. 11. Be sure to give the reader a glimpse into the character’s soul and not just into their fighting skills. Traditional fighting styles don’t prepare a victim for a street fight because what happens in the ring is completely different. You should have 2 sets of automatic combinations at hand: the ones you practiced in the gym, and the ones you figured out from the first two rounds. A detached, distanced perspective saps the energy and involvement from a fight, but if you’re trying to horrify the reader rather than energize or entertain, this is a valid technique. Something a lot of inexperienced writers forget is that fight scenes are just that: scenes. (Remember that not every protagonist will be a trained assassin, so they’re prone to make sloppy mistakes during a fight.) I need houserule ideas for rewarding creativity. So make sure you have energy to fight at the end and finish strong.) Serve Your Story. No shit, Sherlock. This can be anything like a chair, a bottle (extra man points for first breaking the bottle and then thrusting the jagged part at your opponent), or a 2X4. If you have any object to use as a weapon, use it. 2. The problem is that fist fights are boring in D&D. It has to be said, first sentence, first paragraph: the best way to win a fist fight is not to get into one in the first place. After so much fast-paced action, a “slow-motion moment” can put a “cap” on a great fight, and make it stand out in readers’ memories. my friends for what ever reason asked me to have a fist fight with him in a week and I don't why I excepted but do you guys know what I should do to in a week to prepare my self for the fight because my friend does boxing and the way I am now I don't stand a chance. Now is NOT the time to be thinking. Automatic Combinations. I'm using a rule variant to make fists do a little more damage, but slightly more damage isn't really enough to make the fight all that interesting. Basically, the more aroused she is, the bigger, wider, and wetter she’ll become, which will make it a lot easier to get your whole fist inside her when you get to that point. The goal is to defend yourself from violent and unjustified aggression, so don’t be afraid to fight dirty.