An indoor banana tree makes an excellent. If growing in a pot, place the pot on a tray of gravel and water to maintain the proper humidity level. • If you want to take bananas seedlings in the pot and grow in your home, we think it will be useful to remember this soil feature. The banana weevil borer is a small, white insect that enters into the stems and causes rotting. Would you like to grow bananas in your home? The banana plant can be infested by pests including banana aphid, mealy bugs, banana weevil borer and corn weevil. These can compete with the banana plant. Bananas tree need a warm location with temperature ranging between 15 to 35 ºC throughout the year. • Therefore, another issue that should not be neglected in banana care is that the pot remains moist and receives the sun. Growing from saplings is more common. Subscribe to Garden Tricks YouTube Channel, Propagating Curry Leaves From Stem Cuttings. The banana fruit can be attacked by pests including red rust thrips, flower thrips and scarring weevil. I remove the male portion of the bud to encourage the plant to put more energy into growing fruit. • The semi-ripe banana collected from the branch, Your email address will not be published. However, growing bananas from seed in recent years is not a preferred method. Before forming the bud, you will see a new small leaf, instead of usual long leaf. That way I am growing more than 200 bananas every year. It should be pointed out that never try to fully ripen your bananas on the tree. • When you decide to grow bananas using permeable soil, you can achieve more successful results. • The banana plant, which likes July temperatures, will show its flowers towards the end of the month. To harvest bananas, I climb on a small ladder and cut off a hand or two with knife. I cover and tie a cloth, an old bed sheet around the bunch to protect the fruit from insects and birds, keeping both ends open to allow air flow. This drug only protects the plant from harmful substances. Choose a dwarf variety of banana tree. • If the leaves have reached a very large size, we can say that your pruning period has come. (. Liquid feed regularly. • If you want to grow a banana fruit with plenty of vitamins in your home, you should take care that the soil you choose is rich in nutrients and abundant in humus. Like outdoor banana plants, an indoor banana plant needs rich, humus-like and well-draining soil as well as plenty of sunlight. If the answers are yes, you could use these golden tricks. The banana plant can have diseases including bacterial wilt, blackhead, black leaf streak, fusarium wilt, banana bunchy top and root rot. Banana plant requires a lot of water but avoid over-watering. • The pH balance of the soil to be used for bananas should be between 4.5 and 8.5. 2. A banana sapling just planted. Remove the sucker with its attached roots by cutting downward with a clean shovel. With a little time and patience, you can witness tiny bananas in the pot. Water your plant only if your finger feels that the top 2–3 cm of soil is dry. (An important notes), 15 Proven Health Benefits Of Chicory: How to Use? Take out a small shoot (pup) from the base of a banana plant known as banana sucker, attached to the mother plant from your friends house or buy from your local nursery. • It will make its owners happy by giving their first fruits 6 months after planting the banana tree. I harvest some of the bananas when they are still unripe to give them to my friends who cook them as vegetables. • If you plan to grow in a large garden, you can get the best results by choosing the drip watering method. Remove any weeds that are growing. Get the good quality of banana sapling from a nursery. Banana plant is grown in large greenhouses in Mediterranean cities, when it becomes an ornamental banana-growing condition will be provided by the type of home.