15 Minutes. After perusing most every DIY bookshelf idea on Pinterest, I came up with this list of 34 awesome DIY shelving ideas and thought I would share it with you. And these bookshelves will accentuate the minimalist look of your home. 18 DIY Wall Decor Ideas That Gives Attractive Look to Your Home. Shop Removable Wallpaper Crates DIY Bookshelf. Find this bookshelf here. To make it truly special, line the inside with removable wallpaper to match your decor. I often like to change the background color of the built in shelves that surround my fireplace. Get the tutorial here. Redefine the term best out of waste with this exquisite bookshelf made by rearranging and painting old crates in a unique fashion. Modernistic Pipe Bookshelf. The crisp white finish matches the wall nicely, making these bookshelves a superb adornment that holds the clutter at bay. Find yourself the best suiting and best-fitting model of the DIY bookshelf by browsing these 30 unique bookshelf ideas that will all make great inspirations. 2. Book lovers always have a special corner or space in their homes where they store and arrange their books. $1. If you are a typical bookworm, I’m sure you’d have tons of books at your disposal, which at times may call for your attention with respect to storing them. Ladder Bookshelf. 6 Materials. 3. DIY Bookshelf & Home Office DECOR IDEAS Becoming a homeowner means drowning yourself in never-ending home (improvement) projects… From selecting paint colors (especially when you do not want the oh-so-currently-super-popular white color all across your home, and when you want accent walls in every single room) to choosing carpets to set up the place… Find this bookshelf here. After painting my built-ins this time around and rearranging my decor, it was obvious that I needed a few new filler pieces to decorate the shelves with. Display also your art crafts and decors over the remaining shelving levels of this bookshelf to get also a beauty station of a bookshelf. Easy DIY Bookshelf Decor. Easy. Bring your old water pipes to good use in making this modernistic bookshelf that allows ample space for books and background decor too. It can be anything that add a personality boost and match your home decor perfectly. This DIY book bin has a mid-century modern vibe that's deserving of a spot in any room.