On the unit's frame. We’ve included a full list of the model number and serial numbers affected by this newest round of recalls, too. Directions: Use the chat function at askboschlowes.com with the #Bosch to submit your answer. How to find your dishwasher serial number For more information about the recall, please see: http://bit.ly/9HHXlx This number represents the year in which the dishwasher was manufactured. Locate the fourth character in the series. You can quickly narrow your search by entering your product’s model number into the search bar above. Question: What feature on our 300, 500 & 800 series dishwashers contains leaks and works 24/7? Bosch Model Numbers…. 3. 1. Hint: To find the answer, go to the askboschlowes.com website and use its training resources! Below is our selection of Whirlpool Dishwasher model numbers. 1. 3. Electrolux Manuals; Frigidaire Manuals; Frigidaire Manuals Alterative ; Examples of Electrolux Date Codes: For Maximum Resolution, Click on the Body of the Picture. 2. On the back exterior of the unit. These images below show you where you can find the model number and serial number on your dishwasher at home. 4. If you don't know how to locate your model number, view our How To Find Your Model Number videos and diagrams here. On the door. On the inside of the tub wall. Inside edge of the unit . 6. Portable Dishwasher. On a Bosch dishwasher, the serial number can be found on a sticker inside the top of the dishwasher door, on the right-hand side. Locate the serial number on the label of the dishwasher. Select a model from the list to see an overview of its replacement parts. April Scavenger Hunt…. Electrolux and Frigidaire Manuals. On the side of the hose storage. Step #1: Use the guide below to find your dishwasher model number Built-in Dishwasher. 2. … On the door. The serial number of the dishwasher was: TH30728110. Inside edge of the unit. Kenmore-brand Class Dishwashers - Model Numbers and Serial Number Ranges *First 5 digits of base model number are reported (excluding prefix digits) ** All Kenmore models begin with the prefix "665" or "22" Brand Model Serial Range Start Serial Range End Years Manufactured Serial Number Range for Class Dishwasher Models Kenmore 17512 FM19 FP35 2002-2003 Kenmore 17514 FM19 FP34 2002 … Clearly, this dishwasher was manufactured in 2013 and not 2003. 5. Whirlpool Dishwasher Models. 4. If your dishwasher is one of these brands, go ahead and pop open the door to compare the model number and serial numbers to the list—you can never be too safe. The serial number will begin with the characters "FD" and is below the model number. On the door frame. Behind the control panel.