It makes an interesting cut flower. With centers of creamy white stamens and deeply ribbed tepals, these richly colored indigo-blue flowers will bring … Valued for its long and profuse flowering from June to September, it is easy to grow in full sun or light shade and good soil. Durandii is tolerant of a semi-shady location as long as he gets 4 hours of sunshine each day. This semi-herbaceous Clematis is coveted by floral arrangers and gardeners alike for its choice 3-½ to 4 in. Clematis x durandii can be grown as a border plant, trained up a … YOU CAN PLANT UP TO 1 MONTH BEFORE THE GROUND FREEZES. A non-climbing clematis, graceful Durandii does well scrambling through tall perennials or small shrubs. Clematis x durandii is a late-flowering clematis, bearing beautiful, deep blue, saucer-shaped flowers with contrasting golden anthers.It’s an unusual clematis in that it’s a non-clinging, semi-climbing perennial that requires staking. A cross between C. jackmanii and C. integrifolia. Clematis Durandii: Rich bell-shaped indigo blue 5-6″ flowers with white anthers. Please Note: Fall is a perfect time to plant. Bloom July, August and September. Clematis durandii, a hybrid in the Clematis integrifolia group, is a non-twining perennial vine that grows 6 to 10 feet long. Noted for its long bloom period. Ours sprawls lazily at the base of the magnificent Betty Corning. Blooms on new growth. Blooms start as deep blue/violet nodding bells, then open up to 4 inches, spreading, and flat. Clematis × durandii is a smaller flowered, non-twining, deciduous vine which features showy, 4" diameter, bluish purple flowers with creamy stamens from early summer into fall. flowers and sturdy, nonclinging stems. Features: Excellent long lasting cut flower. Noteworthy Characteristics.