Chandra leaned against the elf. — Deep Boat (@DatNightingale) November 14, 2019. I didn't know you had a DA account, but, I came here to thank you through here as well! We were trying to do it right. You may play it this turn. Born on Zendikar, she possessed a deep love for her home plane, originally to the exclusion of all others. — OrcishLibrarian (@BibliovoreOrc) November 13, 2019, This legit reads like it was written by an angry teenager who didn’t want Chandra and Nissa to be queer. He was put in charge of guarding The Immortal Sun during the War of the Spark, and fought a battle against Chandra, Saheeli, Lavinia and Lazav. The team that gave you Alesha would not have wanted this. S-sorry. How you gonna do Chandra and Nissa like that?! Nissa was retconned into an animist whose ties to her home plane goes beyon… On Tuesdays.”, “We know that this compromise may not be entirely satisfying to everyone,” he continued after the confused murmuring had died down., — VITO️ (@VitoGesualdi) November 14, 2019, I CANNOT BELIEVE they un-wrote Nissa and Chandra being in love with each other! Join our community on Discord or find us on Facebook and Twitter. — Jorge Amat Claro (@JorgeAClaro) November 15, 2019. This thing where she always liked big muscled manly men is a retcon. I mean, he’s got this expensive stuff all over.””. You kinda…centered me, I guess. Well on every other day of the week, Chandra loved Gideon and no one else.”, Weisman also confirmed that on non-Tuesdays, Ral Zerak and Tomik Vrona are “brawny best buds”, who enjoy doing “man things” together, like “playing football, cruising around in their muscle cars, and picking up chicks.” He then launched into an eleven-minute rant angrily denouncing fellow author and Bolas enthusiast Brandon Sanderson as a “scrawny hack… why do you love him and not me? Somebody stepped in and stopped us. Since Hasbro wants the show to succeed in international markets, the latest MTG novel has retconned Chandra to be straight. As of writing, neither Wizards of the Coast nor Weisman have publicly commented on the confirmation of Chandra’s sexuality. An unabashed and life-long anime fan, comic book reader, and avid video game player, Spencer believes in supporting every claim with evidence and that Wally West is the best Flash of all time. She was said to have a deep-seated hatred of vampires, a fear of snakes and a love for flowers. Jul 27, 2019. “Once upon a time, Chandra had sported a major crush on Gids.”. This represents external forces actively choosing to squish that work. You're welcome, I'm really glad you love it <3. “In light of recent events, Wizards of the Coast wishes to express its deepest, most sincere apologies,” announced lead MtG designer and professional martyr Mark Rosewater in the Blogatog press conference held this morning. He can be found on Twitter @kabutoridermav. Grounded. Browse through cards from Magic's entire history. “Ay girl, be sure to buy the new upcoming novel War of the Spark: Mu Yanling Rejects Western Imperialism, by legendary author Greg Weisman,” the fursuited man proclaimed while flexing aggressively. How do you just un-gay a character like that?! People waited so long to see themselves openly represented only to be written back out 6 months later. WOTC talk to us! Jun 11, 2017. Reply. My understanding at the time was that Chandra would be a pansexual hot mess, which is both hilarious and totally in character. So to finally acknowledge their sexuality, only to yank the football away one story later, is so pointlessly cruel. Like, WHAT?! “I grab a strand of my hair and yank until it hurts. 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I felt Zendikar’s anger, right? I have nothing else left.”. The most incredible thing ever. “I swallow, but my throat’s dried up and it takes a few tries. Theros Beyond Death w/ The Asian Avenger and Ashlen Rose l Game Knights #33 l Magic the Gathering - Duration: 1:20:35. Tuesday. Reply. I was thinking there are times when I get super pi—uh, real angry, and usually something blows up. Posted by. This isn’t that. This is actual story that was actually written. Nissa was first presented as a proud nature-mage who believed that elves are the pinnacle race of the multiverse, and the Joraga the greatest of them all. Editor’s Note (11/25/19): A previous version of this article referenced Thursdays instead of Tuesdays. Stellar work @wizards_magic, — DoberFred (@FredtheBreak) November 12, 2019, The confirmation of Chandra’s sexuality appears to have not been a widely agreed upon decision, as Wizards of the Coast Principal Game Designer Doug Beyer expressed his displeasure with the change by noting that it had been a “hard week for my heart.”. Search for the perfect addition to your deck. But behind Zendikar, behind the anger and the power, I felt you. Chandra dropping to one knee, clasping Nissa’s hand in her own and proclaiming her undying, very non-platonic love, which Nissa clearly and explicitly acknowledged? Jul 27, 2019. This was dumb.” I back away, clutching my head, pulling in my elbows to hide my burning eyes, stumbling over the same damn root, shaking, panting for breath, stomach churning. What is their problem? What your mind felt like. I mean…” I make the mistake of looking up and her eyes are just there, watching, and all the air in my throat jams up and refuses to move. But I guess there’s nothing to do but pick myself up, set my profile pic back to Chandra, and head back into the trenches to try again to make things better. Magic danced around Chandra and Nissa’s sexuality for years. We haven’t seen her be attracted to anyone but Chandra … Magic: Gathering’s recent War of the Spark: Forsaken novel by Greg Weisman (Gargoyles, Star Wars Rebels, Young Justice) confirms that Chandra Nalaar, “had never been into girls.”. They ran freely down her face, and Nissa surprised her by reaching out and wiping them away with her thumbs. But I think I’d rather be able to touch that place again. Unfortunately, this carried some unintended cross-cultural connotations, and so we changed the weekday. “I’m on my feet, slamming my head into a low branch. [-7]: Exile the top seven cards from your library. Chandra believes the encounter turns awkward and decidedly chooses to flee. She’s written as bi or pansexual, or Gideon Jura was just so attractive that even lesbians ogle him. Nerfwire: Gaming news at its most clickable. “Ow! Aug 31, 2017. Below is an excerpt from Magic: The Gathering book War of the Spark: Ravnica illustrating Chandra and Nissa's unique relationship. [Wholesome War of the Spark spoilers?] You’ll buy it. Chandra also declares her love for fellow Gatewatch member Nissa Revane towards the end of War of the Spark Ravnica. Calm. It is no secret that War of the Spark Forsaken has left a deep scar within the Magic Story. Vyslanec. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Everyone’s favorite firebrand is back in Magic: The Gathering!With another high profile War of the Spark spoiler for this season, we get to see the latest iteration of the Gatewatch’s own pyromancer, Chandra, Fire Artisan.Bringing impulse draw to red decks, Chandra is yet another rare planeswalker to be revealed through spoilers. Do you believe it was a retcon? What do you make of the confirmation of Chandra’s sexuality? They have no brawn, no soul! You may play them this turn. Khaladesh? I struggle to pull in a breath. Completely blown away. I am absolute shocked that only 25% of people think Nissa is the top. Tuesday. Reply. — Doug Beyer (@omnidoug) November 13, 2019, A Twitter user who claimed to have “worked at Wizards when the Bolas arc was being planned” stated that the team had the “intention of representing diverse sexualities” and claiming that “somebody stepped in and stopped us.”. I’m Ajani, and I loooooooove lasagna! She definitely wasn’t straight though. The confirmation of Chandra’s heterosexuality has led to some users speculating the perceived erasure of her bisexuality was made in order to make the upcoming Netflix series, which will feature Chandra and Jace as the main characters, appealing to the Chinese market, though this theory currently remains unconfirmed: Magic: the Gathering is getting a Netflix show, starring the lesbian pyromancer Chandra Nalaar.