I like to make my cookies on a pizza stone. Can you bake cookies on tin foil? Dont scrape the bottom or the non-stick will come off and it WILL NOT be non-stick anymore. While you can’t do much to change them, you can rotate your pan halfway through the baking time to equally expose your cookies and even-out any browning issues. So, you'd have the opposite problem: the tops of the cookies would be done, but the bottoms undercooked. ? We’re working on a series to help you “small-batch” your favorite large-oven sized family recipes. You should grease the foil or use an oil or spray to make sure that you can remove your cookies easily. Because baking sheets are usually made of aluminum, aluminum foil achieves about the same results as … You CAN bake cookies on aluminum foil, but you should be aware that they will cook faster and the bottoms will brown more and get crispy. If the bottoms are burnt, use a shiny pan. Tip #5: How To Handle Grandma’s Awesome But Enormous Recipe. How is your oven's heat? Baking Cookies on Foil If you have no baking parchment, but still want to keep your cleanup as minimal as possible, aluminum foil is one of the simplest solutions. You can bake it on the pan, thats why it is non-stick. I have to make some cookies to bring to a party in just a couple of hours. the cookies will stick to aluminum foil, it is better to use a cookie sheet ( greased or un greased) or waxed paper. Foil is good, but cookies have a tendency to stick to it. I agree with Nc J -- you can use the foil but spray it first. I would suggest using a slightly lower temperature and briefer baking time. If you have no parchment paper, you can still bake – you'll just have to be a bit more creative. Even better tho would be to use parchment paper (should be in the same section of the grocery store as the foil). I think Wilton has a warranty on their cookware/bakeware. If you want an easier cleanup then you will need to put veg oil or pam, or foil on the bottom. no. If the tops are done, but the bottoms are raw, use a dark pan. The only thing is, when I decided to put cookies off until just a couple of hours before, I didn't take into consideration that I don't have any baking sheet (I just moved and my old roommate inherited the old ones). You may want to give a quick spritz of cooking spray. If that isn't an option, then use air bake sheets. When applying the foil, neatly smooth it into the inner corners of your pan. Maybe you could try folding a long sheet of foil into, say, thirds, to where you can set the foil pan on top of that to have a better heat barrier, while still allowing enough heat to cook the bottoms of the cookies. Good luck!