Your plant should perk up within a few hours. However, if you notice lots of leaves falling off, you may have a problem as only more established trees could tolerate this dramatic shift. Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out exactly what the problem is with your plant. This is … If it is too close to either direct sunlight or artificial light, the leaves may burn, causing brown leaf tips and brown spots on the leaves. However, too much light – whether it is natural or artificial light – can cause your plants to burn or scorch. Make sure your plant gets the correct amount of sunlight, water, humidity, and fertilizer to keep it healthy and happy. Focus on Health – When trees undergo defoliation they are in a weakened state. Following these steps might able to save the plant. If this is the case, first you will want to remove any crusty build-up that appears on the top of the soil. The easiest and least expensive means of controlling spider mites is to simply wash them off with room temperature water. The leaves may have dark speckles on the top or underside. While manually watering trees with a hose, in addition to providing the base of a tree with a rigorous soaking, we’ll often spray off the leaves as well. Observe your plant closely to try to identify the problem. Then you will need to flush the soil thoroughly to wash out the excess salts. As soon as you see plant leaf spots, treatment begins. You may also see leaves dropping and flower buds falling off. Set the plant pot on top of the pebbles, but so that it doesn’t sit in the water. read about some other methods in my article about humidity for houseplants. You can also group plants closely together to raise humidity levels around your plants, or read about some other methods in my article about humidity for houseplants. Read more about treating and preventing rust on your houseplants here. If on the top, the speckles may look like they are not part of the leaf tissue or the underside speckles are raised. Read my guide to fertilizing houseplants to learn more. What Types of Tree Service Are Available in Salem Oregon. Check to see if the soil is completely dry. Scorching can also occur when light intensity changes with the seasons. It’s one of the last warm summer days and you decide to host an end-of-the-season barbeque. Work with your local tree experts to ensure your trees remain green for decades to come. It is a fungus that thrives in wet environments, and the brown spots on the leaves are actually collections of spores. Fungal leaf spots occur when fungal spores that drift through the air, find their way to an unsuspecting victim to grip to. In this article, I’ll discuss the most common reasons houseplant leaves get brown spots, and how you can fix them. Start by giving your plant a long, thorough drink of water. They are: Let’s look at each cause, in turn, to help you identify the problem, and help you fix your plant. Brown spots on houseplant leaves happen for a number of reasons, most of which are preventable and even correctible. If just the tips are scorched, you can remove them with a clean, sharp pair of scissors. Portland There are 6 common problems that can cause brown spots on houseplant leaves. You invite your friends and family, plan the perfect potluck dinner, and set the mood in your inviting backyard. This weakness leaves your tree more vulnerable to pest infestation and other diseases, so if you want your tree to re-leaf, make sure it gets the attention it needs while recovering from leaf spot. If you see brown leaf tips on your plants, the problem could be a build-up of too much fertilizer salts. Read my guide to fertilizing houseplants to learn more. Have you noticed brown spots on the leaves of your houseplants? For this reason, it’s essential to pay extra attention to your tree during this time.